Dialogue is Hard

I truly believe that engaging in dialogue is a better solution than standing on opposite sides of the fence throwing stones at one another. But dialogue is hard. I think it’s the “di” part of dialogue that makes it so tough. You know, as in, “It takes two to tango.”

Anyway, here’s a Twitter exchange I was stupid enough to engage in today. Man, I really have to pick my dance partners more carefully in the future.

Matt Dawson ‏@SaintRPh: Just FYI, no laws now or in the future would have stopped Adam Lanza from murdering. He stole the guns. He didn’t buy or own any of them

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald: @SaintRPh Uh, he pulled them out of his survivalist mom’s closet. So yeah, technically he stole them, I guess.

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald: @SaintRPh But he didn’t exactly have to hatch a nefarious plot to get his hands on them.

Matt Dawson ‏@SaintRPh: he didn’t buy them though

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald: @SaintRPh No, that’s true; his momma did that for him. Didn’t work out that well for her, though.

Matt Dawson ‏@SaintRPh: .@cdeobald so ur solution is to ban all ppl from buying guns bc criminals might get them?

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald: @SaintRPh No, I just think there are certain weapons no citizen needs.

Matt Dawson ‏@SaintRPh: .@cdeobald he used more hand guns in the attack than the .223 AR-15 semiautomatic. Are u against handguns?

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald: @SaintRPh The only use of the handgun was on himself. I think that use was appropriate.

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald:@SaintRPh Coroner’s Report: http://nation.time.com/2012/12/16/coroner-conn-gunman-shot-mom-repeatedly-in-head/

Matt Dawson ‏@SaintRPh: .@cdeobald So because he didn’t use the handgun on ppl then your ok with handguns?

Calmudgeon ‏@cdeobald: @SaintRPh Wow! Huh? No, I was just correcting your facts. How ’bout you stick to making your own arguments rather than presuming mine?

Sigh …

Oh, I left out this gem from some other dude who chimed in at one point: “they might want to ban lathes and cnc machines too so we cant make our own.” Go ahead, MacGyver. Knock yourself out; I ain’t gonna stop ya. But about your English …

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