Mi Casa es Su Casa – Bounce with Me

This startling research recently received way more press attention than it deserved.

OK, here’s a news flash for researchers: when kids actively play, sometimes they get hurt. Unless we really want them to grow up in a cocoon of bubble wrap or spend their entire day sitting in front of a game console, let’s just learn to accept the odd booboo as a natural consequence of an active lifestyle.

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China 2012 – Day 16 – Chengdu to Chonqing, River Cruise, Chinese Cultural “Memory,” Population Density

Day 16 was once again a transition/travel day.  We drove to the bullet train station, and Kevin accompanied us right on to the train – an unnecessary but appreciated gesture. Before we bid him goodbye, we had the chance to talk to him about his future plans. While he expressed an interest in travelling some day, he also said he was resolved to remain in China and make the best of it, saying he hoped he would live to see it become a better place. For his sake, and for the sake of everyone else we met there, I certainly hope he’s right.

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China 2012 – Day 15 – Pandas

This day was mostly dedicated to visiting the Panda Research Centre in Chengdu. I hadn’t been sure what kind of access tourists would have to the pandas themselves, but the facility is set up so that the pandas’ feeding stations are only two or three meters from the visitors, so there are plenty of opportunities for viewing their behaviour and for taking pictures.

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