One Million Moms

Until the recent JC Penney/Ellen “controversy,” I did not know about this group of little bigots. Kudos to JC Penney for telling them to take a hike.

I love how they tackle the really big issues, like the offensiveness of Ben & Jerry’s “Schweddy Balls” ice cream. Seriously ladies – and I use the term loosely – I really don’t think you’re the target audience for that product anyway.

The saddest thing is that America really does have a host of social ills that these people could turn their attention and energies toward, but instead of tackling the truly obscene (poverty, violence, injustice,…), they pick away at what their petty minds deem to be “vulgar.”

Look around you, One Million Moms. Then look inside yourselves. Ice cream and gay people are not going to harm your children. Ignorance, hatred and bigotry will.