PA National Park – 2006

In August, Irene and I decided to repeat a trip we had done a few years ago, a short canoeing route in PA National Park. We took it extra easy on this trip, only paddling for a two to three hours on any given day, and using the rest of the time to lounge around camp and fish. Unfortunately, the fishing was less productive than on our earlier trip, but the lounging was good. Physically, the loop we did could be done in one day. We took four days to do it instead.

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We had good weather the whole trip. We were especially fortunate to have low wind on the two days we had to canoe on Kingsmere Lake. This was especially critical since we were using our old fibreglass canoe, which doesn’t ride all that high in the water. We were also lucky enough to have the campgrounds to ourselves in the smaller, backcountry campgrounds.

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